South Korea visa for Pakistani Citizen

South Korea visa for Pakistani Citizen

South Korea, commonly referred to as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” provides a dynamic fusion of a deep cultural legacy, stunning natural surroundings, and technological wonders. It is crucial for Pakistani nationals who are keen to travel to this interesting country to comprehend the prerequisites and application procedure for visas. To help you organize your trip smoothly, this article tries to offer a thorough overview of how Pakistani nationals may acquire a South Korea visa for Pakistani.

Types Of South Korean Visa:

Short-Term Visas:

  • Tourism: For people traveling to South Korea to go sightseeing, see the local culture, or meet family and friends.
  • Business: For people traveling to South Korea for conferences, meetings, or other business-related activities.
  • Medical Care: For anyone traveling to South Korea for medical care.

Long-Term Visas:

  • Student Visa: For those going to school in South Korea.
  • Work visa: For those working for a South Korean corporation.
  • Marriage Visa: For people who are married to South Korean nationals.
  • Family Visa: For people who have close relatives living in South Korea.
  • Investor Visa: For those wishing to make investments in South Korea.

South Korea visa for PakistaniĀ Application Process :

1)Gather the Required Documents:

  • filled out the visa application.
  • A passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • new passport-size pictures.
  • Travel itinerary documentation, such as tickets for flights and hotel reservations.
  • Financial records and bank statements prove you have the money to pay for your stay.
  • letters of invitation (where applicable).
  • letter of employment confirmation (where relevant).
  • papers for education, if appropriate.

2)Submit the Application:

  • Send the completed visa application form, along with any necessary supporting documentation, to the Pakistani South Korean embassy or consulate.
  • Pay the application fee for the visa, which varies according to the kind of visa.

3)Attend the Interview:

Some applicants would need to show up for an interview at the consulate or embassy. Be ready to discuss your visit’s objective, travel schedule, and financial situation.

4)Wait For Processing:

Visas to South Korea may take longer or shorter to process, but generally speaking, it takes five to seven business days.

5)Collect Your Visa:

Pick up your passport from the Embassy or Consulate once your visa application has been granted.


  • Documentation: You might need to compile particular paperwork, like passport-sized photos, bank statements, letters verifying your job, letters of invitation, itineraries, and other supporting papers. These documents could need to be translated, notarized, or photocopied, which could add to the cost.
  • Travel insurance is strongly advised even if it is not necessary to have it in order to acquire a visa for South Korea. This insurance should cover both medical emergencies and trip cancellations. The price of travel insurance will vary based on the insurance company, the length of the trip, and the coverage limitations.
  • Travel: You may need to pay for travel to the South Korean Embassy or Consulate to submit your visa application and for any future appointments. When calculating your overall expenses, take into account the cost of traveling to and from the Embassy or Consulate.
  • If you wish to send your visa application by courier or have the visa stamped in your passport, there can be extra fees involved. Depending on the courier provider and the delivery location, these fees will change.
  • If you need to exchange Pakistani Rupees (PKR) for South Korean Won (KRW), be aware of conversion rates and any associated fees charged by banks or currency exchange services. It is a good idea to compare prices and charges to find the best deal.
  • Additional Services: You can occasionally require the assistance of travel agencies or visa advisers to hasten the visa application process. Make sure to ask about their prices and services in advance because they can have an extra fee.

Additional Expenses For South Korea visa for Pakistani:

  • Conduct a thorough cost analysis of the South Korea visa application procedure to determine any additional expenses that may apply. For precise information, visit the South Korean Embassy or Consulate on Pakistan’s official website or speak with a licensed visa service provider.
  • Allocate Money: Allocate a certain amount of money to cover visa-related costs. This will enable you to maintain tabs on your expenditures and steer clear of unpleasant surprises.
  • Plan ahead: Give yourself enough time to collect the necessary paperwork, correctly complete the application form, and submit it by the deadline.
  • Comparing service providers will help you obtain the greatest value for your money if you decide to hire services like courier services or visa consultants.
  • Maintain enough money in your bank account and present the required financial documentation to show that you have the means to pay for the costs associated with your stay in South Korea.

Important Tips and Considerations:

  • Give Accurate Information: Be sure to thoroughly fill out the application form and to give accurate, current information. False or inconsistent information might result in a visa being denied.
  • Financial Requirements: You must show that you have the money to pay all of your costs throughout your stay in South Korea. Keep a good financial balance and, if necessary, present supporting documentation, such as bank statements and sponsorship letters.
  • Create an itinerary: Plan your trip thoroughly, taking into account your lodging, transportation, and activities. This will support your visa application and prove that you want to visit Pakistan again after your trip.
  • Consult the Embassy or Consulate: For clarification on the visa application procedure, get in touch with the South Korean Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.


If you follow the rules and specifications, getting a South Korean visa is a simple procedure for nationals of Pakistan. Don’t forget to prepare ahead of time, gather all required paperwork, and submit your application precisely and on time. With the proper planning, you’ll soon be prepared to set off on an exciting tour to see South Korea’s delights, immersing yourself in its fascinating culture, rich history, and cutting-edge miracles.

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