Malaysia Work Permit And Visa For Pakistani In 2023

Malaysia Work Permit And Visa For Pakistani In 2023

You want to apply Malaysia work permit work visa. You are on right place we are going to tell you.  You can apply for Malaysia work visa and work permit lets start the journey.

Malaysia is growing country and stable country in this world. It is in the list of countries which have good weather and better job opportunities more than other countries. Many people migrate to Malaysia for work.

Malaysia Work Visa Types

There are many types of work permits in Malaysia it’s depend on which type of work you want to apply why are going to discuss some basic visa.

The employment Pass

This visa applied and issue for the foreign nationalist who have skill people and highly qualified it is based on teachers and education skills and doctors.

The temporary Employment Pas

This visa issued to non citizens for temporary time for example this visa is only for 2 years you can apply easily and every Pakistani can easily applied for this visa this visa for the people who know manufacturing construction and agriculture and other services.

Bring your family also in this visa but you need also to get their visa also living visa is required for your children and family.minimum age requirement is 18 to 45 years.

Professional Visit Visa

Visa is for foreign people who have their company in Malaysia for example if you are artist and consultant then you can easily apply for this visa.

You can easily applies visa if you are non Malaysian citizen if you have any sponsor in Malaysia then you can also apply for this.

Malaysia Work Visa Required Documents

You need following documents to apply for work visa in Malaysia.

• Application Filled Form
• Valid passport
• Certificate Of Degrees Of Applicable
• Proof of previous Employments
• 2 Passport Size Photos
• Work Details In Malaysia
• Hotel Booking Or Company Address
• Employment Letter If applicable

How To Apply For Visa

You can easily apply for this visa from Malaysia Embassy Of Islamabad don’t forget to leave any document you need all documents required to apply visa in Malaysia and you can also apply online from Malaysia website but member you need to visit embassy for one time.


i personally like this country.if you want to make your future and you are not getting European country Visa then this country will really helpful for you if you will do work here you will get better benefit more than other middle East countries because weather is not too much hot air and also economy is so stable.

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