Bit Defender Mobile Security & Antivirus Apk For Android | Bit Defender

Bit Defender Is Android Security Software You Can Use It Secure Your Phone Save Battery Life And Stop Unused Apps For Free On Your Android Mobile.

100% Protection
you can protect your mobile phone from virus if you install this software then software will scan your all kinds of files this is bus facility for you you can speak in all files if file contain any type of virus then you can easily remove that.

Vpn service
you can use this service to connect VPN VPN will help you to secure your IP on internet because in these days Android security is not good if you use VPN then your IP will be protect you can easily browse anything anywhere and it is for free you will get UK United States server.


this picture will give you a AppLock facility its mean that you use this service to lock your all kinds of Android app which you are using in your phone and no one can open that without password this is best feature for you if you want to protect your data.

Snap Photo
This feature will allow you to take a snap photo of unauthorised person which using your phone this is best city for you because you can easily check that person which using your phone and this is good for you this visitor will give you all kinds of feature.

How To Download it
this software is officially available on Play Store and you can also download this from given link below a simply click on link you will go on Play Store simply click on install and use.

Download App

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